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Some creative works for my graphic fun experience and handcraft works.

Data Visualization


The Summit City- Fort Wayne

The purpose of this illustration is to depict the human effects on the landscape over time, starting from its original wilderness state. The selection of content for the illustration is guided by in-depth historical research and a comprehensive understanding of the land. The research encompasses various aspects such as hydrology, ecology, geomorphology, topography, settlement patterns, the people who inhabited the area, and the regional identity associated with it.

artwork2 2.png

3D Handcraft Model

The creation of this model was undertaken for the conceptual design of a gallery. To conduct a site inventory analysis, I employed various tools to digitize the topography of the location. The overall design follows a minimalist style and seamlessly integrates with the layered topography of the site.

Clay Craft

Clay holds a special place among my preferred modeling materials. I am drawn to the creative process that entails a deeply personal touch and embraces the uncertainties of the outcome. This particular artwork was crafted during my participation in a summer workshop in China. While it may not exhibit flawless precision, it is precisely the handcrafted characteristics that contribute to its uniqueness and charm.

artwork2 3.png
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