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Social Media Engagement Collaboration

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The project aims to integrate various Yahoo Finance components such as charts, community sentiment, and real-time quote price information to external social platforms like Instagram, Reddit, Apple Stock, Tiktok and Twitter. 


The concept design was to provide a seamless user experience, connecting financial data with social media engagement.

🕛 1 month, 2023

🤝 2 Designers, 1 PM @ Marketing, YFi GM & Collaboration POC

🧩 Sr Product Designer

📱 App

Business Problems

Despite the value of Yahoo Finance's data, its full potential is not fully recognized by the broader public. This under-utilization is a missed opportunity for both users and Yahoo Finance.


By integrating and promoting Yahoo Finance data across various popular social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, we aim to increase visibility, engage more users, and ultimately drive higher SEO traffic to Yahoo Finance.


Increase the visibility and usage of Yahoo Finance's valuable data by integrating it with popular social media platforms.

🎯 Elevate brand identity and increase SEO traffic:

By seamlessly incorporating Yahoo Finance charts, community sentiment, and real-time quote price information into these platforms, we aim to enhance user engagement, elevate brand awareness, and drive higher SEO traffic to Yahoo Finance.

🎯 User acquisition:

Ultimately, the project seeks to enrich the public's interaction with financial information and create a more interconnected digital financial ecosystem.

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Design Challenge

HMW incorporate a seamless user journey on well-known social media platforms and provide an intuitive way for users to interact with YFi data?



One-click experience to add a Yahoo Finance chart with text as a Twitter post.


A seamless experience where users can access, share, and discuss financial information right within their Twitter feed.

Key Screens

Insert chart to post

Support 3 chart types

Edit chart as you wish

Prompt at hand

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The inclusion of portfolio feature essentially turns Apple Stock into a one-stop solution for retail investors, enriching user engagement and providing comprehensive investment tracking tools right at their fingertips.

Key Screens

Link account

Portfolio summary

Analysis overview

Performance chart


Apple Stock

Apple stock


By the integration, we're fostering a new generation of financially informed social media users, reshaping how financial literacy is spread in the digital age.

Key Screens

Insert chart to post

3 widget types

Flexible time range

Real-time info

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This project was in an experiment mode. We formed quick ideas and put them into design mockups to quickly show and communicate ideas with companies in partnership. It was quite satisfying that 3 companies show strong interest to collaborate with us 🙌

Despite Yahoo Finance having multiple data and infographics, it turned out most of the partnership companies were interested in charts more than community sentiment or analysts' opinions.

As the collaboration is starting to build step by step, the next step would be setting up a team with collaboration companies and refining the user journey, entry points, and user flow to cater to their best use case.

Up Next...

A subscription-based product tailored for data-driven retail investors. 

Product Crafting
Business Growth
Data Visualization
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