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About Me

I am a product designer with a passion for solving problems and creating elegant experiences. Working in the business environment, I am keen to understand users' needs and contribute to the success of the business.

My current focus is on fintech product design, where I aim to distill complex financial information into simpler, more digestible forms in order to empower individuals effectively grow their wealth.


Guided by the principles of thorough research, iterative design, and open dialogue, my approach is holistically focused on enhancing every facet of user experience. With these cornerstones, I aim to make the user experience from good to great, bridging the gap between functionality and user delight.

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When I am not in front of my speed MAChine...

I immerse myself in a variety of activities that feed my spirit. I cherish my weekend traditions that begin with solitary piano sessions, followed by a search of NYC's best brunch locales. The day culminates in a high-energy dance group meet where we lose ourselves to the rhythm. My affection for both music and dance is a testament to my love for rhythmic expression and art.

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