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Virtual Chatroom with Chatbot

Rechat is A survey-compatible platform with Chatbot. It helps optimizing research flow to design, administer, record, and analyze chats of interviewees

🕛 2 months, 2020 

🤝 1 Designer, 1 Product manager, 1 researcher & 2 Engineers

🧩 Product Designer

🖥️ Desktop


Rechat, short for "Record Chat," is a New Jersey-based startup offering online services to researchers and marketing professionals. By distributing surveys and capturing responses as data, it streamlines the research process, saving both time and expense.


The platform's core offering is a tool that empowers researchers to design, conduct, record, and analyze interviews.


My role involved designing a chatroom featuring a 🤖 ChatBot, a key component in the second phase of the project aimed at enhancing the user experience for both researchers and participants.


The first phase of the product provided researchers an office tool to manage participants’ information, divide interview groups, and store text as data after interviews.

first phase diagram 2.png

Business Goal
[Phase 2]

Create a chatroom featuring an integrated ChatBot component to enhance user engagement and streamline the research process.

User Painpoints

Following user research, we identified key areas of concern for users:

👩‍🎓 Interviewer (Researcher)

⛔️ Repetitive workflow for different participant groups

Ask the same questions to all the research group
Time-consuming interview process

🙋‍♂️ Interviewee (Participant)

⛔️ Spend extra effort to follow up the email with a confirmation number.

⛔️ The whole interview process is relying on a third-party platform without professional research settings.

current survey flow.png

User Flow of Researchers and Participants Using Rechat 1.0

Design Question

HMW optimize the interview flow for researchers and participants?

Design Solutions

1. Delightful onboarding experience

  • Provide project topic and interface overview

  • Loading page

  • Creating personalized avatar and ID card

  • Waiting Room with a short entertainment

2. Answer questions in private mode

  • The interface of question with text content only

  • The Interface of question with media content- image/video

  • Image/video enlargement window

  • Notice of skipping a question

3. Receive a confirmation

  • Display confirmation number in letter format

  • Provide the alternative option for users to copy the number

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