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EaseInvest App

EaseInvest is a mobile-first product providing a one-stop investment platform built on trading transparency, social media and professional envisions to customers. The product places particular empathy on users who have limited investment experience and financial domain knowledge. 

EaseInvest is positioning its value from two dimensions: Discover and Invest.

🕛 5 months, 2021

🤝 2 Designers, 1 Product manager, 1 researcher & 5 Engineers

🧩 Product Designer

📱 Mobile App


Nowadays, numerous financial instruments and services are provided by fintech platforms. In the recent 5 years, tapping a button and investing money through the internet felt magical.


Amateur investors often face challenges due to limited financial knowledge and the lack of transparency in investment strategies.

I was part of the team at EaseInvest crafting the fund shopping experience for amateur investors.


1. Discover

Studio_Project_V3 (1).gif

3. Fund shopping

fund shopping.gif

2. Engagement

4. Portfolio overview

Business Goal

1. A platform for amateur investors to discover fund managers that they align.

2. Facilitate easy access for amateur investors to navigate and invest in fund products.

3. Set a bridge between investors and fund managers.


Initially, the mission for the fund-shopping experience was not well-defined. To address this, I collaborated with a researcher to understand how amateur investors approach investing in fund products.

We distributed 100 surveys to people with diverse non-financial relevant jobs, aged 25-45 who were interested in investing, had different levels of investing experience, and had a habit of using internet products.

User Goals

Users are seeking an investment fund that aligns with their investment goals and offers a reliable and profitable investment opportunity.

The Problems

⛔️ Overwhelmed data and terminologies

⛔️ Not familiar with the fund managers

User Needs

A trustworthy fund manager

Investment basic knowledge

Product Hypothesis

🧪 If we could connect retail investors to fund managers directly, retail investors would love to invest with fund managers.

Design Challenge

1. How can the trustworthiness of fund managers be effectively conveyed through design?


2. How to assist novice investors in comprehending a fund product despite having limited financial knowledge?

Design Solutions


1. Discover fund managers

2. Get to know the fund manager

learn 2.png

3. Invest with minimal learning efforts

3 invest 2.png

Test and Iteration

The other frequently mentioned feature was "Community"

( 17 participants).

However, due to the effort to build community feature is comparatively high and the low impact, we chose to leave the community feature in the end and applied alternative solutions to address users' needs.

COMMENT 01.png


MOCKUP 2.png



From the interviews with participants who asked for this feature, the primary need was to discuss and seek ideas among peers.

Instead of creating an individual page for Community, I created cards to top up 2 to 5 comments for users to review what is heatedly discussed among users.

A tool integrated for in-depth interviews using chatbots.

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